Paradox Inversion Roleplaying System

The Paradox Inversion roleplaying system is designed to make playing and creating RPG stories easy and immersive. It makes use of modular mechanics to allow different settings and themes to be easily useable, without the need to worry about creating and balancing them yourself. The system so far consists of the Core book, which outlines the basic rules for any game using the system. The system aims to be simple where possible, while allowing complexity to come at the user's decision.

Paradox Inversion RPG

The Paradox Inversion Core 60 Page ebook, with all the guidelines you need to start a game. Right click and select "Save link as..." to download.[638.19Kb] Updated 1/1/2014


RPG Campaigns for the Paradox Inversion System, and occasionally others.

Character Sheets

Official Character Sheets for the Paradox Inversion Roleplaying System. Right click and select "Save link as..." to download.[57.43Kb] Updated 1/1/2014

Progress and Path

More information about progress on Paradox Inversion, where I am, and where I'm headed.